Youtube Direct to your Televisions

Bangalore: Google is planning to boost their video streaming service in India by developing partnership with direct-to-home cable operators, reports Economic Times. Google’s global director of YouTube Fransico Varela, said that India is one among the fastest growing markets for YouTube and they are looking forward to expand it further.

The online streaming service accounted for a whooping amount of $50 billion revenue for the internet giant in 2012. The company reported 55 million unique monthly viewers from the country compared to the 15 million in 2011 and is expected to be on an upward scale with the increasing popularity of internet.

"When we talk to direct-to home providers or television makers or device makers, it's so that you can watch YouTube on every screen you have, in a fully scalable way," said Varela. However he refused to disclose the name of the DTH providers who were part of the discussion.

With more than 54 million DTH subscribers in India an entry to DTH service would provide a giant leap for YouTube. The online streaming service already has tie ups with television manufactures including Samsung, Sony and LG for making YouTube available on their smart TV.

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