Super Mario Bros now playable in your browser

Nintendo's old school classic can now be played on your browser as an HTML version has been created by a Computer Science student named Josh Goldberg .

Super Mario Bros is now playable on your web browser as Full Screen Mario has updated the game from the 80's Nintendo console to HTML 5.

The site has been created by Joshua Kevin Goldberg, pursuing his majors in Computer Science. Users can play through original levels using keyboard arrow keys or create custom maps using a level editor. The game's authenticity is maintained as this version retains the same music and animation as the old school version.

'Full Screen Mario is my HTML5 remake of the original Super Mario Brothers. You can play the original levels, literally millions of procedurally generated maps, or create your own using the level editor. Sprites are generated using a highly performant GIF-like library and renderer I created'.

'The whole project is open source and free - if you would like to use the code for anything, email me', says Goldberg. However, as of now the HTML version of Mario is only compatible with Google Chrome, support for other browsers may be added very soon.

So what are you waiting for, go on, pounce on a few mushrooms. Click on the URL to start playing -

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