Tata Sky aims to enable users watch their favourite TV channels on the go

Tata Sky has introduced a new app called 'Everywhere TV' that allows users to access TV channels and on-demand movies on the go. The new application will be rolled out to both Android and iOS platforms soon. Tata Sky will be charging Rs. 60 per month from its existing customers for the service.
Tata Sky's Everywhere TV will initially feature most of the Hindi and English channels, regional channels will be added soon.

"The idea is to let our subscribers watch TV while they are travelling or when they are out of home. All that they need is a good 3G mobile connection or a Wi-Fi connectivity," Tata Sky Chief Commercial Officer Vikram Mehra is quoted as saying.

Tata Sky hopes the new service will help expand the brand further and keep up with changing customers demands.

"We started the 'a la carte' option to let customers choose what channels they want to watch, we introduced the recording option so that they can watch programmes later. Now, our next step is to let them watch live while on the move via mobiles," Mehra added.

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