Google’s India-Pak reunion ad strikes emotional chord

NEW DELHI: Google has long been the default search engine for Indians, and with the company's Android operating system, its reach has only grown. The Indian arm of the internet giant has released a new commercial on YouTube highlighting how it brings people closer.

The advertisement, which has gone viral within hours of hitting the web, shows an Indian man called Mr. Mehra reminiscing about his time with his friend Yusuf before the partition in 1947 separated them. He describes to his granddaughter Suman the locales of Lahore where the two spent their childhood and how they used to steal 'jhajariyas' from Yusuf's sweet shop.

Suman then googles the areas in Lahore with an ancient gate, as described her grandfather, and zeroes in upon the location - Mochi Gate. She also looks up jhajariya (which is a sweet) and the oldest sweet shop in Mochi Gate. Upon finding the sweet shop via Google+, she makes contact with Yusuf's grandson.

Suman then speaks to Yusuf and invites him to India. Both the parties use Google to look for details like weather in Delhi and flight arrival timings. Yusuf surprises his friend on his birthday and then two meet after over six decades.

The ad encapsulates the power of Google search and how it can bring people closer as well as find anything and everything at the click of a button. The advertisement, created by ad agency Ogilvy, has received over 5.3 lakh hits till now.

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