Chrome 32 beta introduces icons for multimedia tabs, malware blocking and more

Managing browser tabs is one major challenge we encounter every day, especially in the day and age when we're inundated with links from different social platforms. It gets even more annoying when a tab that's playing a video or running a webcam chat gets lost between the trillion open tabs.

Google is trying to solve this problem with the latest beta release of its Chrome browser, which now offers icons on tabs running multimedia content.

The tab will sport a speaker icon if you're playing audio, a red camera indicator-like circular icon if using the webcam or a blue TV-like rectangular icon if streaming content through a device like Chromecast, allowing users to easily identify these open tabs and close them, if required.

Chrome Beta will now also automatically block files which it feels is malware. It also displays a 'This file is malicious, and Chrome has blocked it' message in the download tray at the bottom of your screen. The message can be dismissed with the press of a button. The browser already offers Safe Browsing program that warns users before they visit malicious websites or download malicious files.

Google has also officially announced Google Apps functionality in the Metro/ Modern UI mode of the Chrome 32 beta browser, Windows 8, similar to how they presently run on Chrome OS, as previously reported. The latest developer version, when run in Metro/ Modern mode, looks and behaves like Chrome OS bringing a new app tray with app icons for Chrome, Gmail, Google, Docs and YouTube along with an app launcher located at the lower left-hand corner for firing up Chrome apps.

The app icons can be arranged by users at the bottom, left or right of the screen.  similar to functionality in Chrome OS, users can launch more than one browser window with the Chrome Windows 8 app, and arrange them easily with a snap to the left or right of the display or in fullscreen modes.

The Chrome beta can be downloaded online but it might be a bit unstable, as with other beta software. The new features are expected to make it to the stable release of the browser, soon.

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