Sony to launch PlayStation 4 in India on December 18

Ready for this? The new generation Sony PlayStation 4 will be launched in India on December 18. We have received a very typographic invite from Sony for the event to be held in Delhi. The launch date is in keeping with some of the pre-order listings which showed an end of December delivery date.

A cool invite 
Sony’s latest console has already got off to a flying start, with 2.1 million units selling in just over two weeks. Indian gamers who have been patiently reading reviews, and comparisons with the Microsoft Xbox One, will finally get a chance to see the console in person in stores.

Coming to India next week 

Sony has not announced the price of the console in India, but given the $399 price in the US, we are expecting the price tag to sport a number close to the Rs 30,000 mark. While the imminent launch is indeed good news for gamers in the country, the PS4 has got off to a slow start as far as new titles are concerned.

The PS4 has an AMD-based x86 processor will be powering the console. It will have 8GB of unified high-speed memory and a “massive” hard drive. The new controller—dubbed the DualShock 4. It has a touch pad with a share button, a headphone jack and a light bar to identify players. The Share button on the controller will let you upload any video you from your console quickly to video services. Videos are automatically uploaded while you play a game.

One of the coolest features of the PS4 is that it can download games in the background, even when the system is powered off. Games can also be played while they’re being downloaded.

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