GoDaddy employee tricked by hacker

WASHINGTON: GoDaddy has admitted to its role in the Twitter account hijack, accepting that its employee had fallen victim to a social engineering attack.

The company issued a statement saying that its review of the situation revealed that the hacker was already in possession of a large portion of the customer information needed to access the account at the time he contacted GoDaddy and used it against an employee to extort the remaining information.

Naoki Hiroshima, a software engineer and creator of the Cocoyon location sharing mobile app mentioned in his blog post that a hacker had hijacked his domain names registered at GoDaddy, email address and Facebook account and later extorted him into giving up his single-letter Twitter user name, called @N, the PC World reported.

Meanwhile, the victim claimed that Paypal too had a role in the attack, which the latter denied.

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