Lenovo deal won't affect Motorola Moto G launch in India

NEW DELHI: In a surprise announcement, Google said that it was selling Motorola's hardware (phone) division to Lenovo. But this will not affect the launch of Moto G, Motorola's budget phone in India, expected to take place in the coming days.

The deal between Motorola and Lenovo comes days ahead of Motorola's expected announcement to re-enter the Indian retail phone market. On January 22 Motorola said that it would detail the launch plans for Moto G, its budget phone, in India on February 5.

After the deal announced, sources told TOI that the Moto G launch plan is still on schedule and will not be affected by the deal with Lenovo. "India plans are still on, India is still important to us," said a Motorola executive familiar with the Moto G launch plans.

This also confirms the statement that Google CEO Larry Page made in his blog announcing the Lenovo deal. "The deal has yet to be approved in the US or China, and this usually takes time. So until then, it's business as usual," Page wrote.

Earlier in Las Vegas, Motorola executives told TOI that the company would launch Moto G in India in partnership with a distributor that will handle the supply chain for the device in India. The company will also work with another partner to provide after sales service for the device.

In fact, Motorola senior executives, including CEO Dennis Woodside, held several meetings with journalists in Las Vegas during CES to talk about the future of Motorola's and its current business strategy. The meetings gave no impression that the company was up for sale in the market.

"Google's mission is to connect as many people as possible to internet... Motorola is a hardware manifestation of this goal. We want to build devices that connect millions of new users to internet and want to do it in a way that doesn't compromise quality of products and user experience," Steve Sinclair, vice-president of global marketing at Motorola Mobility, told TOI at that time.

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