5 Most Anticipated Mobile Games Of 2014

Bangalore: Although most mobile games are too simple and all it makes you do is to just tap the screen, there are some that offer more. There are a lot of games that are in the kitty waiting to be launched this year. If you have a Android phone or iOS based one, then you can enjoy these games on your Smartphone. Here is a list of 5 most anticipated mobile games of 2014 as reported by Shunal Doke of IGN India.

1. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Can be played upon: Android, iOS

Hearthstone being a digital trading card game, has Warcraft characters fighting against each other. The cards are quite satisfying to play upon as the strategy game is well adapted in its mobile avatar. Usually it takes 10 to 15 minutes to finish a game.

Hearthstone grabs your attention for its unparallel presentation. Blizzard Entertainment, which has developed this game, really has designed menus that are simple and intuitive to navigate through. Even randomly clicking on the game board when you are waiting for your opponent to finish has some neat touches.

2. Final Fantasy VI

Can be played upon: Android (already available), iOS

The remake, arguably, one of the best games in the entire Final Fantasy series has a well thought out plot with an interesting bad guy, and amazing background music. These features made it famous back then. The mobile version sports updated visuals that look awesome while the original theme is maintained.

Apart from the setting and music, Final Fantasy VI continues turn-based active-time battle system, which seems familiar to the fans of Japanese role-play games. Each character has been assigned a class rigidly but there is a rich amount of modification available. Innovative Esper/magic system and the different abilities imparted by Relics ensure that you can customize your game.

3. Trials Frontiers

Can be played upon: Android, iOS

The Trials enterprise is known for being one of the best downloadable titles you can get anywhere. Its wickedly challenging levels, tight controls, and that ‘just one more level’ appeal has made it popular. It usually makes you ride a dirt bike through obstacle ridden paths that get progressively more difficult as you move up the ladder. It sports a deep meta-game, a compelling storyline, and a rich, surprising world of adventure and exploration.

4. Tales from the Borderlands

Can be played upon: iOS

Tales from the Borderlands has a well-developed gaming environment and a large amount of side stories that play alongside your individual quest. Gaming developer, Telltale has become famous for designing great adventure games based on pre-established franchises. Therefore there is a lot of expectation on this release as well. It will feature new characters in a new storyline set in the Boreland world which was much loved by X-box gamers.

5. Scrolls

Can be played upon: Android, iOS

‘Scrolls’ is a combination of tactical turn-based strategy game and card game. The game is a creation of Markus “Notch” Persson, well-known for Minecraft game. When you play the game, you and your opponent take turns to move soldiers up and down on a board trying to destroy each other.  Some alpha players are saying that it is quite good.

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