BBM v2.0 released for Android and iOS

BBM 2.0 is out now for Android and iOS. The new version includes new features like Dropbox integration along with over 100 new emoticons.

BlackBerry has officially released a new version of their messenger for Android and iOS, the BBM 2.0.
The new BBM version 2.0 comes with new features like Dropbox integration, one-touch file photo sharing, location sharing info, along with over 100 new emoticons.
However, it's the built-in support for Dropbox which is worth mentioning as it would make it easy to send large files like presentations and videos via BBM. Meanwhile, using the BBM voice feature, Android and iPhone users will also have the option to make voice calls to any BBM contact in the world with Wi-Fi or data connection.
BMM version 2.0 will also feature BBM Channels, which allows customers to chat with other BBM users who share common interests. Customers can engage in a conversation with other users without the need to add them to their contacts list, which also maintains a certain degree of privacy.
The new version of BlackBerry messenger is compatible with Android version 4.0 (or above) along with iOS 6 (or above).

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