Facebook adds more choices for gender identity in user profiles

Facebook new profile feature allows users to choose between 10 gender identifications.

For the first time Facebook is allowing users to choose a gender other than male and female. Now the gender feature feature now has a new 'custom' category that allows users to select up to 10 gender identifications, including "transgender," "intersex" and "fluid."
The social networking site said it worked with a leading group of gay and transgender advocacy organizations to come up with the selection of identity options. Facebook said users can also control the audience who can view a custom choice with an inbuilt privacy setting, noting the challenges that some people may face in publicly sharing their gender identity.
Now Users can also choose the personal pronoun by which they want to be referred publicly. The social networking site may now invite a user's friend to write a birthday message on "their" wall, instead of "his" or "her" wall.

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