Google releases five new games for Google Glass

Google Glass gets five new games that use the device's voice activation technology and inbuilt sensors to engage users.

Google has launched five mini games for its Google Glass to inspire developers to create more games. These new games are Balance, Clay Shooter, a Fruit Ninja clone, Tennis and Matcher.
Balance uses your head to shift around and stop a pile of shapes from toppling over. Clay Shooter lets the user say 'Pull' and move their head to the clay pigeon in the air to shoot it. Shape Splitter lets you slice shapes in mid-air by moving your hands in front of the Glass eyewear and Matcher is a traditional card-matching game. Tennis lets the wearer use their head as a racket and can play left or right by tilting their heads.
A Google blog post stated that the games can be played by using the device's voice activation features, an inbuilt gyroscope and accelerometer sensors. “Each game is visually simple and straightforward to play,” said Google.
The new mini-games are definitely not the first games built specifically for the device. Some of the games released earlier include BrickSimple’s multiplayer Battleship-like game dubbed ‘GlassBattle’ and AMA’s puzzle game called ‘Escape’.
Google Glass which is expected to be launched later this year, recently added a wink to click feature to its eyewear. The new update from Google adds some much requested features including full hangouts support, video uploading to YouTube, a new wink gesture to take photos and additional security features. The new security features allow users to secure their Google Glass with a "secret Google handshake" that are a sequence of taps and swipes similar to a smartphone unlock screen.

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