WhatsApp for Android lets users turn off 'last seen' timestamp

Whatsapp enhances privacy, allows users to hide 'last seen' timestamp on Android smartphones.

WhatsApp has rolled out new update v2.11.169, which allows users to disable the 'Last Seen' time stamp for Android smartphones. The much requested feature was already available for iPhone users, has now be launched for the Android OS as well.
Users can see the option in the Privacy menu. There's an option to either limit users who can see the timestamp or disable it completely. However, once you select the option you will not be able to see the timestamp for other users as well. Android users can change the settings any number of times a day, while iPhone users will be able to change the setting only once in 24 hours.
The new update also brings the ability to limit visibility of profile photos and status. Users can choose between three options including show it to everyone which is default or limit it to their contacts or no one. The same choices are also given in visibility options as well. The new update is not available on the Google Play store but can be downloaded for Whatspp website directly.
WhatsApp which has more than 450 million users world wide was acquired by Facebook in a massive $19 Billion deal last week. The app recently suffered a major outage that lasted more than three hours just three days after the deal was announced. Frustrated Whatsapp users turned to Twitter, Facebook and other platforms to complain about the break down, with many speculating it was Facebook's way of getting people to communicate though Facebook Messenger instead.

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