Wipro, Perfecto to set up mobile app testing centre

Using Perfecto's Mobile Cloud platform, Wipro's experts will remotely test their customers' mobile applications on real devices across the globe, Wipro said in a statement.

The CoE will enable customers to seamlessly deploy mobile apps with greater functionality to their consumers, partners and employees.

The centre will also provide training to help build specific competencies with Perfecto Mobile's products.

"As mobile becomes the top consumer interaction method, mobile application testing continues to be one of the biggest unsolved challenges enterprises are facing," Wipro Mobility Solutions global head Gaurav Dhall said.

"Wipro's end-to-end mobility services and their unique mobility testing solutions help enterprise customers plan for and launch mobile apps faster and with all the functionalities enterprises are looking for," the company said.

Being able to test and deliver applications through the cloud allows Wipro's experts to test apps more frequently, better and faster, ensuring customers can 'go mobile' with confidence, it added.

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