Captain America: The Winter Soldier now available for Android and iOS

Gameloft has finally released its much talked-about mobile game, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, for Android and iOS via the Google Play store and Apple iTunes App Store. The game is not yet listed on the Windows Phone Store, though it had been announced for the platform.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier has arrived days before the release of its movie version. Last month, when the teaser video of the gaming app was revealed by Gameloft, we assumed it would arrive along with the film on 4 April.
The game lets users play as Captain America, who is supported by a small team of S.H.I.E.L.D to fight against a number of superpower villains - Taskmaster, King Cobra, Puff Adder, the Winter Soldier and others. The users can borrow some help from the Falcon or the Black Widow if they find themselves in a tough spot in the game when fighting against the villains and other enemies.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier game also includes an asynchronous multiplayer feature with which users can play against each other through different clans. One can compete on league leaderboards and can earn extra rewards in limited-time events.
Different fighting techniques and Captain America suits can be unlocked as users progress through the game. The mobile game's art and graphics are inspired by comic books.
Unfortunately, the 'demo version' on Android only lets users play two levels for free, after which users would have to go through some in-app purchases to continue. The iOS version of Captain America: The Winter Soldier however, is a paid $4.19 app, unlocked from the get-go.
The Captain America: The Winter Soldier is sized at 20MB (initial install) and requires Android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich OS version to run. The application, as seen on the Google Play Store listing page,  is getting some mixed reviews from the users who have downloaded the game.
On the iTunes App Store, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is listed at 93.6MB, and is compatible with devices running iOS 7.0 or higher.

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