LG outs Smart Bulb for iOS and Android, it will blink when you receive a call

LG has announced its first ever Smart Bulb, a household light bulb that is connectable to iOS and Android devices.

The Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-powered Smart Bulb will blink when users get a phone call, will last for over a decade if on for five hours a day and result in 80% energy savings, according to LG.

The company has baked in a crafty security mode, to make it look like residents are at home, when they're actually away. It's not quite a Kevin McCallister one-man house party, but it'll do.

Users can also set timers and brightness for the bulbs to ensure that morning light is easier on the eyes which "may feel good at daybreak," according to LG's translated press release.

Party mode

There's also a party mode, which will set the brightness to the music emanating from the smartphone and will even blink to the beat, giving users their very own strobe effect. This is an Android-only feature at launch.

The Smart Bulb is out in the coming days, priced at 35,000 won (around $32, £19, AU$33) and is compatible with Android 4.3+ and Apple iOS 6.0+.

International launch plans are unknown, but this is definitely the most excited we've been about a light bulb since Christmas.

It's also the most excited we've been about an LG home product since it announced that Blast Chiller refrigerator compartment that can cool a beer in ten minutes.

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