Microsoft working on 'no-touch' displays: Reports

The company is also working on quite a few interactive displays including floating displays and electronic bracelets. The idea is to enable users operate devices from afar.

Microsoft is working on new display technologies, including a 'no-touch' concept that enables phones, tablets and televisions to be operated from afar. The technology enables users to control displays with fingers without needing to approach the device.
Microsoft's Rico Malvar reveals the company is working on interactive displays that can be operated without needing to physically touch a device. Microsoft is also working on a wearable device – electronic bracelet – that is capable of detecting movements of fingers, enabling them mimic actions such as flicking screen and poking.
The bracelet enables users to operate a TV with back turned or operate mobile phone without needing take out hands from pockets.
Another concept in the works is 'floating display', which gives the illusion of a globe spinning or a dragon flying, just inches above a flat monitor. Users can interact with these floating items through cameras and motion sensors.
Reports suggest the final versions of these displays will be ready in two to five years.

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