Twitter rolls out video preview to its Android and iOS apps

Twitter on its eighth birthday on Wednesday rolled out a new 'first tweet' tool that allows users to discover the first tweet of any Twitter user. However, it seems the popular social micro blogging site has more in its kitty.

The New York Times reported that Twitter on Wednesday started rolling out a new video hosting platform that allows Android and iOS users to see previews of shared videos in their feeds, previews which can also be played with just one click. The new feature is now visible in India as well.
The new video preview and one-click video playback can be considered one of the major overhauls by Twitter since introducing the previews of images and video from Vine in October 2013.
Notably, until now a video shared on Twitter appeared on the feed with a link, instead of any preview, and a user intending to watch the video had to click up to three times to watch it.
The new feature is expected to decrease the hassle of Twitter users in previewing and watching shared videos on the social platform.
The report also informs that the social giant has plans to offer the video preview and one-click video playback technology to around 60 companies in its Amplify video ad program, which is expected to kick-off in coming weeks. According to the report, the National Basketball Association was the first Twitter handle to use the newly rolled out video preview feature.
The report quoted Kevin Weil, vice president of product for revenue at Twitter who said, "Video will begin to feel like a native experience. We're making it easier for people to do what they want to do."
Twitter on Wednesday released its first tweet tool, which required a user to be logged in to Twitter, the tool automatically directed to the page with user's first tweet. Users can change the username to any valid Twitter to see their first tweet.
"Just type in your @username, or that of anyone - your best pal, favourite comedian, a star or a president," Gabriel Stricker, Twitter Vice President for Marketing & Communications, said in the blog post.

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