Consumers want what we don’t have, Apple document says

NEW DELHI: In the raging Apple-Samsung court battle, new documents have revealed Apple's anxiety over the growing Android marketshare and dimming iPhone sales. Internal Apple documents highlight how concerned the company was over screen sizes, slowing iPhone sales growth and competition from Android devices.

These documents, said to be part of a fiscal 2014 offsite meeting, have been presented by Samsung for cross-examination in its ongoing patent trial against Apple.

The presentation is titled "Consumers want what we don't have" shows the company's concern about the growing market demand for big-screen, cheaper smartphones.

Another document shows Apple acknowledges the fact that "competitors have drastically improved their hardware and, in some cases, their ecosystems." It also mentions the "obscene" sums rivals are spending on advertising and carriers/channels to gain a foothold in the market. Samsung reportedly spent $14 billion in 2013 on advertising alone.

This document also shows negative sentiment among telecom carriers that sell iPhones. It states, "Carriers have strong interest in capping iPhone due to one or more factors... high share, subsidy premium, 'unfriendly' policies, lack of alignment."

The demand for cheaper, bigger smartphones is reiterated in this document as well.

Samsung's lawyer also presented a document that says the battle in emerging markets will be for switchers, namely people who are moving from feature phones to smartphones or are looking to move from Android phones to other platforms. It says, "In two years, our target Android switcher will be used to a display with much larger than four inches."

According to The Verge, Apple's vice president for worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller downplayed the presentation, claiming it was an off-site meeting with some sales people and not something he attended. In his testimony, Schiller also reportedly said that he didn't agree with much of the document. He also added that the document didn't represent Apple policy.

Apple, whose biggest iPhone has 4-inch screen, is reportedly readying two big-screen models — one with 4.7-inch display and another with 5.5-inch screen.

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