Phonebloks video shows early prototypes of Project Ara

The video also shows the Project Ara development team ahead of the developer conference.

Phonebloks has uploaded a video on the progress of the team behind the Project Ara. The video shows some of the prototypes of Project Ara, but doesn't reveal any finished products.
The video comes ahead of the Project Ara Developers Conference scheduled on April 15th and 16th and within days of the expected release of the Ara Module Developer’s Kit. Shot and pieced together by Dave Hakkens of Phonebloks, the video gives a tour of what the Project Ara team is doing.
The video also reveals a prototype of electro-permanent magnets that secure the individual modules in place on the main phone board. Made of various materials, the magnets are able to hold a magnetic state without the need of constant electricity. The modular connection allows customizations, users can order modules in different designs, colors and textures. The video also reveals an Ara cofigurator app that lets you play around with lots of designs and modules even before actually putting the order.
Finally the video shows three distinct sizes of Ara devices, Mini, Medium and large. No indication has been given about the actual sizes, but Mini will have a 2×5 module grid, while Medium will have 3×6 modules and Large 4×7 modules. The devices are expected to be launched in 2015.
Google's Paul Eremenko, head of Project Ara at Google recently demoed the build-it-yourself modular smartphone in San Francisco on Day 3 of the Launch Festival 2014.
Google has also revealed the Blocks modular smartwatch that will come in modular blocks just like the Project Ara smartphone. It will feature open software that will allow developers to create new apps or build their own Blocks. The smartwatch which is expected to be launched in 2015 will support design personalization as well as function flexibility so that the smartwatch will suit the users' tastes, wrist sizes and personality.

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