Twitter's Vine app update brings direct video messaging and more

Twitter has updated its Vine app to support direct video messaging along with another features, such as sharing to non-Vine users, quick reply, and colour selections for user profiles.
This feature lets users see the video and chat directly on the same screen. Users can create a new Vine message by going in the message section, recording a video and sending it. Users can send these direct video messages to multiple users at a time, however the conversations will be one-on-one. This means a separate thread for each user whom the video has been sent. Sharing a video by simply tapping on the 'Share button' is also possible.
Moreover, users can also send Vine messages to users from their address book, no matter whether the receiver has Vine or not, as per Techcrunch. "Send a Vine message to one friend, or select a few to start multiple 1-to-1 conversations. Send a video to anyone via email or SMS, even if they're not on Vine," states the official Vine website.
Replying to a Vine message has been made easy. Users would simply have to tap and hold the camera button, send a quick video reply, and release the camera button when done. In addition to the quick reply, the Vine users can access 'Messages' simply by swiping left from the app's home screen and can send messages from the message drawer, profiles and feeds. The latest version of Vine also enables the user to choose different colour selections for their profiles via the 'Settings' option.
The Vine update is available for Android users via Google Play and for iOS users via iTunes app store.
In January, Twitter released an update for its Vine for iOS that enabled the users to lock the focus and exposure while shooting. The update eliminates the hassles faced by a user regarding overexposed or underexposed lighting, and lets them shoot a better 6 second video.
To experience the feature, users would have to shoot normally as they would do from their devices. However, when there is a particular object, which the users want to appear as perfectly as possible, they can simply tap on the centre of the screen then press and hold where they want to focus. As the object is focussed, the exposure level will be adjusted accordingly.

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