The New Aston Martin Rapide S

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The World’s Most Beautiful 4-Door Sports Car 

Designing a more luxurious and more refined Rapide would have been a phenomenal achievement. Engineering a more powerful Rapide would have seen us take our industry leading technology to new heights. But we didn’t settle on one, we did something incredible, we did both.

The result is an Aston Martin with more power and more luxury. An Aston Martin with the power of luxury, Rapide S.

The Power Behind The Luxury

Rapide S introduces the all-new Rapide Gen 4 AM11 engine. The most technologically advanced, most powerful Rapide engine we’ve ever built. Incredible figures tell the story; a sprint time of only 4.9 secs, 620 Nm of torque and potent power of 558 PS - an increase of more than 17% over our previous model.
Rapide S delivers phenomenal performance, all of the time.

Here is the first Video : Aston Martin Rapide S

Personally My Favvvvv...............

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