Xbox One Update With Snap Mode for Achievements Due in 'Coming Days'

Microsoft on Tuesday announced the global roll-out of its latest Xbox One system software update (6.2.11274.0) will begin in the coming days. The update was first announced last month at the close of E3 2014. The Redmond giant had also launched the Xbox Feedback site, where users can suggest a new feature, enhancements to an existing feature, or vote on ideas that others have submitted.
The Xbox One system software update (6.2.11274.0) will bring an enhanced Snap mode for achievements, double-tap to Snap, and more voice control choices in select regions.
Specifically, Snap Mode for Achievements will enable users to track and view achievements progress in real time without ever leaving the game. Also new, is the 'Search for Achievement Help' feature. Meant to help users with Achievements they are struggling with, the feature will launch Internet Explorer and deliver relevant tips and strategy content.
The Double-tap to Snap feature is another addition, and allows users to double-tap the Xbox button on the Xbox One controller to bring up Snap Center, from where they can launch Achievements or any other snap-able app. If an app is already snapped, double-tap quickly switches between the game and the snapped app.
July's Xbox One system software update also brings options for Spoken Language. Xbox One owners can now choose their preferred Spoken Language in settings to enable better voice control compatibility. This is in addition to the Country selection used to access the Xbox store. For example, someone living in the United States who has an Australian accent may now choose English (Australia) for voice control while still having United States selected for Country location.
Microsoft also announced the new functionality for content publishers to create digital bundle and disc compilation offerings in the future. Another feature announced was the ability to 'Like' Game DVR clips and activity feed items from within SmartGlass.
Finally, the Xbox One system software update in July brings some improvements to its Blu-ray player, with support for BD-R/BD-RE formats.
Last month, Microsoft released an Xbox One Update which brought external drive support real name search, Xbox Live Gold membership privileges, auto account sign-in and more.

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