Flappy Bird successor Swing Copters launched

"Flappy Bird" may not be returning to your phone anytime soon, but its sequel, called "Swing Copters," is now here to fill the void.

Swing Copters promises to be just as hard (if not harder) than its flapping predecessor, but the premise is simple: Fly as high as you can without hitting the swinging hammers.

Swing Copters is creator Dong Nguyen's first return to mobile gaming since Flappy Bird, a game which Nguyen removed from the App Store after receiving an alarming amount of unwanted attention from press and paparazzi.

Just as Flappy Bird only allowed you to fly up or down, Swing Copters only lets you fly left or right, creating a zig-zagging flight pattern that makes it difficult to avoid each tier of swinging hammers.

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