How Apple plans to make iOS 8, OS X downloads faster

Apple is making a lot of changes with iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite, and to help prepare it's reportedly launched its own content delivery network (CDN).

The company's incoming new operating system upgrades will communicate with one other more than ever, and the new CDN should help deliver files and data more quickly.

Apple has been working on launching its own CDN since 2013, according to The company has reportedly established interconnect deals with internet service providers in the US, including Comcast, which will allow it to connect directly to these ISPs' networks.

Apple's CDN reportedly has more than 10 times the capacity that many existing service providers are using to deliver content to their users, according to the streaming media blog, which claims to have spoken with sources at multiple ISPs.

The delivery network could have speeds up to multiple terabits per second, with Apple investing more than $100 million in it by the end of 2014, according to the site.

If this report is accurate, Apple has just joined the ranks of companies like Microsoft, YouTube and Netflix, which also pay ISPs for improved access to customers - though it's well known that Netflix doesn't like it.

With the Yosemite beta already arriving, this CDN may be just in time for Apple to start taking some of the load on its own shoulders and wrest yet more control into its own hands.

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