Indians willing to pay for digital goods like stickers, games: InMobi

BANGALORE: Indians, who have known to be averse to spending on digital products, are likely to loosen their purse strings for products priced between Rs 71- Rs 129, according to a report by mobile ad network InMobi.

Stickers, virtual currency, games accounted for more than a third of the in-app purchases, said the report based on a one-month survey of 455 smartphone users on their ad network.

Messaging apps were preferred over social networks and voice calls, and 21% of the surveyed people had made purchases through such apps, said the Bangalore-based company.

"We also see advertisers using these platforms for emotional engagement as well as experimenting with launching services that they have already done in their home markets like Japan and China," said Jayesh Easwaramony, vice president and general manager, APAC, Middle East and Africa, InMobi.

Users in the age group 18-24 were leading the charge on using messaging apps, the company said, adding that TV and outdoor advertisements had limited influence on driving adoption of mobile messaging apps.

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