Samsung to make metal mainstream with Galaxy S6

The mobile community enjoyed a collective sigh of relief recently with the announcement of Samsung's first metal smartphone, the Galaxy Alpha, as the South Korean firm finally delivered a premium device design - but it's just the start.

According to sources in Samsung's supply chain, the Galaxy Alpha — and upcoming Galaxy Note 4 — will purely just test the water with Samsung's metal mobile design in preparation for an all-metal Samsung Galaxy S6 next year.

We already know that the Galaxy Alpha isn't entirely metal, as it inherits the dimpled polycarbonate rear of the Galaxy S5, and this report suggests the Note 4 will probably sport a similar combination of materials.

We've been burned before

Of course all of this needs to be taken with a generous pinch of salt, as an all-metal Samsung flagship was mooted for both the Galaxy S4 and S5 — and both times the rumours turned out to be incorrect.

There is, however, a much stronger argument this time around thanks to the launch of the Alpha and the likes of Sony and HTC having launched multiple metal clad handsets.

We expect to see the Galaxy Note 4 unveiled at IFA 2014, and perhaps it will give us a further insight of what to expect from Samsung going forward. We'll be reporting live from Berlin next month, so make sure you stay tuned for all the latest.

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