Twitter experiment with favorites leaves users unhappy

WASHINGTON: Social networking website Twitter has been carrying out experiments changing the way 'favorite' feature works, leaving some users disappointed.
The experiment has back-fired as users are not very happy to see tweets from people they don't follow, on their timeline.
Twitter shows tweets and retweets posted by accounts that one personally follows. However, some users are seeing a few tweets in their timelines that have merely been favourited by accounts they follow. Other tweets are showing up from accounts that their friends follow, The Verge reported.
The experiment is bothering people as the 'favorite' feature is not as widely used by users. The feature is treated as a simple acknowledgment of receiving a tweet or as a way of saying 'thanks.'
It can also be a simple way of saying that you found something funny. Others use it as a type of bookmarking system. As with other Twitter experiments, this one may never get a full public release.

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