First Microsoft smartphone without Nokia branding leaked

NEW DELHI: Microsoft recently announced three smartphones with Nokia branding, named Lumia 830, 730 and 735. However, this launch was soon followed by reports of Microsoft doing away with Nokia branding on future mobile phones. And now we have the leaked photos of the first smartphone sans the Nokia name.

The images, leaked by French website, show a big-screen smartphone with ultra-thin bezels, suggesting it may be a top-end device as most manufacturers keep such design innovations for their top models.

Above the display where usually the Nokia name is seen is the branding of Microsoft. Thus, this smartphone may be the first one to bear the Microsoft name. However, the smartphones in the upcoming range will continue to be called Lumias, reports suggest.

Earlier, a report said that Lumia 830, 730 and 835 will be the last smartphones to hit the market with Nokia branding. As part of the deal with Nokia, Microsoft can use the Nokia brand on its mobile phones for a period of 10 years.

It also said that Microsoft will do away with the 'Phone' in the name of its mobile operating system Windows Phone. In July, CEO Satya Nadella had announced that all major versions of Windows will eventually merge into one platform.

According to the rumour mill, the next major version of Windows operating system will integrate various Microsoft software together.

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