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Technology is covered so comprehensively by the media these days that we get to hear about every minor advancement, whether it's an OS update or an increase in processor clock speed - so it's refreshing to check out gadgets that showcase more significant leaps ahead.

But where does one find fun new toys to play with? The global crowdfunding community, consisting of early adopters who are keen on backing independent innovators to bring exciting new products to market, have their eye on some pretty neat gear. The Pebble E-Paper smartwatch, the Oculus Rift virtual reality display, the Form1 3D Printer and Android-based OUYA game console are just some of the amazing projects that have been successfully funded and become household names - well, in techie households anyway! Here's the latest crop of gadgets that you can order now and receive around the end of the year:


The biggest problem with standard locks is keys. They're easy to misplace and leave behind, difficult to use in the dark, and cumbersome to share and retrieve afterwards. The Noke takes a different approach to securing your stuff: just press the shackle, and the smart padlock will look for your phone in the vicinity, and unlock instantly when it receives a signal via Bluetooth.

Using the included app (iOS/Android), you can share access to your lock with others, so they can look after your home or retrieve items from your garage when you're not in town. The Noke's battery lasts over a year and can be replaced without tools - and supports a click-based code for unlocking without a phone in case your mobile device is out of power. Who would've thought that a padlock would be the key to peace of mind? Approx. Rs 4,550 and up Ships internationally Feb 2015


Fans of The Jetsons and those who can't wait for the 2060s will love this. Get your next house party off the ground — literally — with the OM/ONE levitating Bluetooth speaker. An electromagnet suspends the speaker orb in mid-air above its base, so you can not only hear detailed sound from any paired Bluetooth device, but also enjoy total clarity thanks to a complete lack of external distortion.

The OM/One also goes wherever you go - just take the speaker orb off the dock and carry it with you for up to 15 hours of wireless aural bliss. You can even pair two OM/ONEs together for true stereo output. Plus, the built-in mic lets you answer calls without having to reach for your phone. And if you've ever felt like nobody pays attention to your carefully-curated playlists, the OM/ONE is available in a can't-miss-disco-ball finish that's sure to turn heads. Approx. Rs 12,000 Ships internationally Dec 2014


As if driving safely doesn't already take enough effort, we now have smartphones to add to our list of in-car distractions. Navdy lets you enjoy the functionality of your precious mobile device, safely. Compatible with all cars and iOS/Android phones, Navdy sits on your dashboard and projects the UI onto a small, transparent screen in the driver's field of view, which appears to float beyond the windshield, so you don't have to look away from the road to look up directions or see who's calling.

To help keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel, Navdy responds to hand gestures in the air or voice commands to respond to calls and text messages (yes, Whatsapp too), engage Google Now and Siri, navigate Google Maps turn by turn, and even play music from your phone. Sorry, no selfie camera included! Approx. Rs 20,000 Ships internationally early 2015

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