Images of Microsoft phone with ‘Windows’ branding leaked

NEW DELHI: After launching Lumia 730, 735 and 830, Microsoft was back in news last week when some reports suggested that the company phasing out the 'Nokia' branding from future Microsoft phones as well as changing the name of its mobile operating system from 'Windows Phone' to just 'Windows'. 'Windows' will be one platform for all devices.

And now, the first leaked image of a smartphone carrying the Windows branding has added credibility to this report.

The image was leaked by technology news website Neowin, which sourced the image from British brand My Go's website. Neowin had earlier reported that My Go is among the new crop of companies that are working on Windows Phone-powered smartphones.

The image shows the back panel of a My Go phone featuring the 'Windows' logo.

Among the other images on My Go's website is a promotion shot that uses 'Windows' instead of 'Windows Phone' on top.

In July, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella had announced that all major versions of its consumer platforms - namely Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox - will eventually merge into one platform. According to rumour mill, the next major version of Windows operating system will integrate these Microsoft software together.

Last week, an image of a smartphone sporting 'Microsoft' branding was also leaked. This was the first leaked image of a Microsoft smartphone sans 'Nokia' branding, suggesting that this may be the first in a new line of Microsoft-branded smartphones.

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