Over 100 women developers participate in hackathon

BANGALORE: Over 100 women developers came together at the women-only hackathon held in Bangalore last week to discuss their ideas and develop apps that will help the society. The hackathon was organised by the Anita Borg Institute, a non- profit organization focussed on advancement of women in computer science and engineering in partnership with Venturesity, 'Girls in Tech' and Intuit. The theme of the Hackathon was 'Tech for Good'.

Women developers from companies like Tesco, IBM, Microsoft, Dell, Cisco , PayPal and Intuit got together to build social applications such as Kaam Hai ,eSwaraj, Connect 4 a Cause, Helpify, HOPE, Vidyogdaan, ConFUND, Sandesh, QuickCast, PitchInFood, Geeks for Good, TechGirls, Medicine Miracle, Teleducation and Four Sparks.

Some of the apps that the women developers worked on include Kaam Hain, an app project that will create a platform to connect maids, cooks, drivers and low end job seekers with potential employers through human networking. E- Swaraj is a project driven by NGO which aims to use mesh of mobile and web technologies to create an intelligent system which will facilitate real time reporting of local issues such as electricity, water and transportation issues. Connect 4 a cause is an app that allows people to receive reminders & alerts on vaccination schedule.

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