TiE, IESA to mentor startups working on Internet of Things

BANGALORE: Networking forum The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) and electronics trade body India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) are teaming up to mentor startups building products and services that help machines communicate with each other, an area termed as 'internet of things' (IoT).

This technology sector — a confluence of hardware, software and other new technologies like 3D printing — is a nascent area in India where support for manufacturing and communication standards are still missing.

"This will not be a MoU just on paper. In six months, you will see a lot of results," said IESA president MN Vidyashankar.

The trade body said it would leverage its network of 230 member companies to mentor startups, help with design and provide them with a go-to market strategy. India's nascent IoT scene is slowly becoming organised.

A few months ago, the IoTBlr chapter, essentially a group of enthusiasts, collaborated with TiE to form a special interest group. "The industry is fragmented and lots of problems exist. We are trying to solve one at a time," said Arvind Tiwary, who heads TiE's IoT group.

The two entities said they would work towards bringing protocols allowing diverse devices to converse and provide testing facilities to ensure the products are robust among other things.

TiE said it has already identified about five startups and would work closely with them to get more investors.

"We are looking to support 30-50 startups and generate some success stories," said Naganand Doraswamy, president of TiE-Bangalore, adding the focus areas will be energy management, public health and logistics.

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