Apple Watch can ‘make you jump’ if you sit too long

NEW DELHI: Apple joined the smartwatch bandwagon six months ago with the unveiling of its Apple Watch, with health as one of the focus areas of the yet-to-be-launched gadget.

CEO Tim Cook, talking at the recent Goldman Sachs technology conference, revealed that the company is taking health very seriously with Apple Watch and has a feature that's making users 'jump up' if they have been sitting too long.

He revealed that Apple added the functionality in the smartwatch to "tap" wearers if they remain inactive for too long as "a lot of doctors believe sitting is the new cancer."

Elaborating the effects of this feature, Cook said that many company employees jump up or stand in meetings. Wider effects of the feature are, of course, not known as Apple Watch is yet to hit the market.

Samsung's smartwatches and S Health smartphone app also remind wearers to take a walk if they remain inactive for over an hour, but there is no such 'tapping' involved.

The first new product under Cook, Apple Watch will hit stores in April this year and come with several health-related features, along with a number of apps optimized for the small screen and new UI.

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