Apple working on a car, poaching Tesla staff: Report

NEW DELHI: It seems Tim Cook is working on making one of Steve Jobs's dreams come true: making an iCar.

 A report by Apple-focussed blog Mac Observer, the iPhone maker is poaching aggressively from Tesla, the biggest electric carmaker in the world.

Though it can mean that the iPhone maker is only making car-related software like CarPlay, one of the sources cited in the report says "Apple has been looking for - and acquiring - the kind of people from Tesla with expertise that is most suited to cars."

Another high-profile source,whose identity has not been revealed in the report, says that most top Silicon Valley executives firmly believe that Apple is working on a car.

Though the idea of Apple developing a car may seem outlandish, it is not impossible. The company has already put iOS and Siri in automobiles via its CarPlay project. Google is already deep into the driverless car segment. So the possibility of Apple investing in making a car of its own can be entertained.

With Apple already dominating the smartphone and tablet segments and the company's first smartwatch only a couple of months away, it is possible that the company is looking at entering the automobile segment, especially seeing the ubiquity of cars in consumers' lives.

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