Is this the new Pebble, complete with colour display?

Last week, Pebble started the clock on a mysterious countdown, hinting something big was just around the corner. We (and probably you too) guessed that it was for a brand new watch, and it looks like we were right. Well done, everybody.

Pebble has apparently leaked its new device ahead of schedule. A picture of a new watch, sporting the predicted colour e-paper display, has shown up on Pebble's own servers.

The picture was dug up by 9to5Google. Aside from the screen, the design hasn't changed phenomenally aside from a wider bezel. Here's hoping the watch makes up for that with a thinner profile.

Rumour has it that the new device won't have a touchscreen display, but the payoff will be a battery life that's similar to the current generation's. We reckon most people will be happy with that tradeoff.

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