Make in India: MediaTek keen to expand business

NEW DELHI: Taiwan-based electronic chip firm Media Tek's Chairman MK Tsai today met Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and expressed keen interest in expanding presence in the country.

"Media Tek chairman (MK Tsai) shared his commitment to make technology more accessible for people. He was encouraged by the great market potential that India holds in the field of technology and high tech services. He share with the minister that Media Tek is keen on expanding its presence in India," an official statement said.

Media Tek makes electronic chips that are used mostly in low-priced phones. It does not own any chip manufacturing facility but designs chips and gets product made from vendors.

In the meeting, Prasad shared with Tsai the government's 'Digital India' vision and the way it has opened up new avenues and opportunities in the field of technology.

Initiatives like 'Make in India' and Smart Cities coupled with liberalization of defence manufacturing has created a great demand for technology solutions and hardware in India, the statement said.

The minister also shared the government's vision to create more IT hubs in small towns and the vision of opening BPO centers in rural areas.

"This would propel the growth of India and bring prosperity to the lesser developed parts of India," the statement said.

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