New Windows 10 build may come this week

Windows 10 users impatient for news of the next Technical Preview build have been assuaged by a slew of screenshots from prolific Windows leaker WZor.

The Twitter user posted various shots of Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10014 and its Professional counterpart build 10022, although anyone hoping for big changes to the OS will be disappointed.

Most of the changes are behind the scenes and concern bug fixes for device configuration, NFC, security, user experience, audio, USB and some others for File Explorer that include a maximum of four items able to be displayed in frequent folders.

Another small change is that if OneDrive is chosen as the default save location, the documents and picture folder in quick access will show the OneDrive version of those folders.

Release this week?
New versions of the preview have been released on a fairly regular basis since September 2014 and give users a good taste of what is to come when the final product hits the market later this year.

It's unclear when the next Windows 10 Technical Preview will release for the public with this week being pegged as the possible date in some places and the latest leak will only ignite those rumours further.

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