Deus Ex: Mankind Divided review

Deus Ex is a name everyone knows for quality gameplay and freedom of choice.
Freedom of choice is the main attraction for this game and it has always been. The game gathered attention of all the gamers whether they are direct shooters or sneak lovers, this game has been loved by everyone. Deus Ex provides an opportunity to play like we want giving a broad gaming experience that is unique to everyone and this game is nothing less.
It is a follow up to the previous series hit "Deus Ex:Human Revolution" that was released in 2011 which revived the game after its latter downfall. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has to offer much to give as the earlier part.
Lets go straight to the game review:
Deus Ex:Mankind Divided takes us to year 2029,a time when gold is everyone's favorite and triangles are appreciated and adored universally. The game describes an Aug incident two years prior, in which augmented people (individuals with cybernetic implants and/or prosthetics) worldwide went rogue and insane violently and killed approximately over fifty million innocents. Hence, in this world,  augmented people are seen with mistrust and horribly prosecuted.
Landing in between all this is Adam Jensen,  an augmented ex-cop who wears shades even at night. He works for Interpol's Task Force 29 to counter Aug-related terrorism.  In Deus Ex,  no one can be trusted not even the closest ones. Things get a lot more cheeky when terrorists attack Prague and augmented are blamed and as Jensen tries to solve the case,  he finds himself tangled into a web of conspiracies and lies.
Story feels smaller in scope and even the supporting characters feel flatter this time around. The voice in Jensen's ear in Human Revolution: Pritchard who was an engineer at Sarif systems is missing here.
The power of choice:
We have an excellent gameplay in Dues Ex:MANKIND DIVIDED though which is as expected. Enjoy killing people, invest in Praxis points to convert you in a living weapon or invest in cloacking system and go unnoticed temporarily.
There are also such augmentations which allow to reach hard to reach places like punching human sized holes in walls,  leap incredible heights and also one can control each and every machine through hacking. With all such clocking,  one should keep a watch on overclocking which can result in certain side effects like faster energy or health loss.
Mastered level design:
"Deus Ex:Mankind Divided's" Prague is much larger and secret,  which can be difficult to discover and explore. Its awesome and some missions even take you out of the city.
Environments such as sewers, crowded slums and soaring buildings allow you to approach every goal in multiple ways. There are so many ways to complete every mission that you might suffer from option paralysis.
Deus Ex:Mankind Divided doesn't have hundreds of side quests like any typical RPG, but those it offers are rich in story and variety. Breaking into the vaults of gargantuan Palisade Bank with its army of guards and state-of-the-art security system - was a challenge I couldn't back away from.
I wasn't disappointed with the experience and needless to say, I enjoyed a lot.
Have fun playing this game.
Platforms supported : Playstation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows.
Watch Deus Ex: Mankind Divided trailer here.

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