No Man's Sky by Hello Games set for a new update. Addition of Path Finder Buggy imminent.

Hello Games' record breaking video game on PlayStation and Windows is set for a new update.

Here, we are talking about the latest Hello Games' No Man's Sky which is a videogame where a person is exploring space in an aircraft. A game in which the spectator can explore new unseen planets, lifeforms and stars. This game is already in news because of it's vast and realistic gameplay.

Now a new update for this game is on the horizon. Yesterday, Hello Games announced that this game is going to get a new update this week. Named as "The Path Finder" update for this game, it will be second major update after the earlier "Foundation Update" which helped Hello Games to make a comeback after fixing several bugs found during public gameplays.

The Foundation Update brought in FREIGHTERS that players could purchase for large sums as well as the ability to build a planetary base and staff it with specialists. These specialists also brought proper quests to the game, giving players objectives on the way to earning upgrades. But the update failed to deliver an entirely new experience and ended up as more of a glimpse of No Man's Sky future.

Image from Redditor eegandj's video hinting A land- based buggy type vehicle

With the latest Path Finder update, Hello Games will be introducing a buggy type new vehicle which according to Hello Games "The Path Finder Update will introduce a new vehicle that will aid home planet exploration, building on the Foundation Update to hint at a path ahead for the future." We are pretty certain that this vehicle will be a land-based buggy, based on the images from Redditor eegandj's video from November last year.


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