Ran into a malware online? Don't worry!

Nowadays everyone uses internet either on a smartphone, laptop, desktop or a server.
Millions of internet users opening an equal number of websites and apps at the same time for watching, chatting, broadcasting, blogging and even for calling.
In this era of Internet, it is very easy for some novice to visit upon some malicious websites by mistake which can sometimes cost very heavily on that person's pocket or heart. 


What happens is we are peacefully browsing the world wide web and then we suddenly remembers one really old song that was once very close to our heart. Our fingers then start typing the song name and eyes searching for the link to the song. We click on one link that seemed most promising, but what the hell?
Suddenly our device starts losing mind, working as we are no longer in control.
What is happening?
Well we got hit by a malware. Now you might be asking, what is a malware?
A malware is a malicious software or file containing infectious coding meant to do harm to any device it gains access. It generally spreads through internet when someone clicks on any infected link or email.

So what to do now? Do I have to panic? Are my files gone for good?
The answer is NO NEED TO PANIC AT ALL.
Just follow the below steps and you can beat these malwares yourselves:

1. Identify which type of malware you are dealing with? Search the Internet for malware information after proper identification.

2. Download AntiMalware by MalwareBytes from the link given: https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/

3. Run a complete scan and follow the instructions provided by anti malware software after proper installation of the software. 

4. After completing the suggested actions and few device restarts, your device will be free of any malware. If you find any files that looks suspicious to you, now you can easily delete them and use your device. 

From now onwards, be safe and browse safe.

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