Run High end Games without Graphics Card


Ever wondered a new game is about to be released and the machine you own is not up to the mark to run that favorite game of yours.

What is the first thought that strikes your mind at that time?

I bet you will say, I can't buy a new machine or upgrade my old one. Hence, you will try to run the game and if the gameplay is satisfactory, you will play or you will delete the game and will make up your mind that you will be skipping the game because your machine is not helping. Seriously?

We are here to help you out play those heavy games without upgrading your machine. Check out these simple solutions which are tried and tested by our team in California and they work wonders!!!

Using 3D-Analyze

3D Analyze is a powerful application that allows playing many DirectX based games using video hardware officially unsupported and unable to run these.With it, you can optimize efficiency, above all if your CPU will permit, although still with a low range card. This program supports Direct3D as much as OpenGL, whichever it may be to optimize your system.Now I’ll show you how to install and configure 3D-Analyze main settings to play games for this just follow the following steps:-
  1. First of all download the 3D analyze.
  2. Now install and run the 3D analyze.
  3. Now click on select option as below and then a window opens where you have to select the .exe file of the game which you wants to run.
  4. Now you can see names, vendorID, and deviceID of different graphics cards. Select any one of them and enter the VendorID and DeviceID in the column at the left side.
  5. Just click on Run button and Enjoy!

Using SwiftShader


SwiftShader’s modular architecture is capable of supporting multiple application programming interfaces, such as DirectX® 9.0, and OpenGL® ES 2.0, the same APIs that developers are already using for existing games and applications. SwiftShader can, therefore, be directly integrated into applications without any changes to source code.It is also similar to 3D analyze.

  1. First of all download the SwiftShader.
    Download Swiftshader 3.0 for your platform
  2. Now extract the zip file of SwiftShader.
  3. Now copy the d3d9.dll file from the extracted folder.
  4. Paste the d3d9.dll file to the game’s directory.
  5. Just click on .exe file of your game where you placed the d3d9.dll file and Enjoy !!

Game Fire


Game Fire can significantly enhance your gaming experience by boosting system performance and reliability in order to eliminate in-game lags and improve game FPS (frames per second).
Game Fire optimizes your computer performance by turning off unnecessary system features, applying various system tweaks and focusing computer resources on games you are playing.
Step 1. First of all download and install Game Fire on your Windows computer and run it.
Step 2. Now you will see the screen like below. Here you need to click on ‘Switch to Gaming mode’
Step 3. Now on the very next step you will be asked to choose a gaming profile. You can set everything according to your wish.
That’s it! you are ready to go. Now run any game and you will notice better performance.

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