iPhone.X: Expensive just got Unimaginable!!

iPhone X, who wouldn't recognise that. Apple says its the most useful iPhone yet. With a face recognition security system instead of Touch ID, can this iPhone break records? 

Apple iPhone X Quick Specs
 The iPhone X is a sensational-looking iPhone – but it obviously comes at a huge cost, and you'll have to wait to get it. Question marks remain over Face ID as a way of unlocking the phone, but if your face truly does get 'learned' over time, it could work well.

Face ID, a new unlocking system brought to the market by Apple. Really?

I think Samsung already has it. 

Source: Samsung Official Website
So what the new Face ID claimed by Apple offers, we still need to know. But what we know that this iPhone X, the most beautiful and expensive device yet, got more expensive.

You read that right: 

A new luxury version of the phone has been released that makes Apple's price seem cheap. Designers have created the Lux iPhone X Ingot, featuring 250 grams of solid gold – but it costs an astounding $69,995 (£53,000). Other luxury products created by the designers include diamond-encrusted Airpods too. 

Source: Brikk Official
Los Angeles-based design firm Brikk has released a range of new luxury products on its website following Apple's event last week.
Several luxury versions of the iPhone X have been designed, including two gold ingot designs, and others with diamonds encrusted.

The Ingot 108 features 108 grams/3.50 ounces of 22K gold.

The Ingot 250 features 250 grams/8.88 ounces of 22K gold and a mirror polished back surface.

Each luxury phone is hand-made and constructed in Los Angeles by Brikk designers.

Another range, called the Lux iPhone X Deluxe Collection features 24K yellow gold cases encrusted with various precious stones, including diamonds.
Source: Brikk Official
Prices for this collection range from $12,995 to $21,995 (£9,835 to £16,648).

Brikk has also designed luxury versions of several other Apple products.
Source: Brikk Official
The Lux Airpods – Apple's wireless earphones – are also made of gold and are encrusted with diamonds.

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