Noise Shots X1 Air: Truly Wireless or Truly Impressive?

The Summer of 2019! Do you even remember the days? What was summer all about? It's fun, isn't it? The fun!! Yes, it's a feeling everyone gets when they are happy, when they forget about their never ending works & assignments, when they become one with the moment.
You must me thinking why are we even talking about this? Music is the answer, my friend. The soothing music track which fills your soul, the energetic one which makes you feel alive, the romantic one for your next date or the sad ones for your sorrows. Music is the healer, the party starter, the mood flipper. 

Well, because, we got our hands on with one of the truly wireless earbuds that released in 2019, the Noise Shots X1 Air. Are they truly impressive, though? Time to find out.

1. Unboxing and Overview:

Noise Shots X1 Air or the X1(which we wood be calling these in our review, for simplicity, of course) are made in India by GoNoise, a brand from Gurugram, Haryana who believes in Make in India campaign to provide technology at affordable rates in India. 

The package is minimal one with some paperwork(a quick start guide and warranty card), the main charging case, charging cable (standard micro-usb) and some spare eartips for exact fit and comfort.

GoNoise's clever marketing trick was a welcome addition into the whole package.


2. User Interface And Connectivity:

GoNoise has put a lot of thinking in the X1, taking account of every command the user needs to operate the X1 wirelessly and without the use of smartphone. Taking out the right earpiece connects the X1 to your smartphone for pairing (3 minutes before going back to power saving), taking the left out connects the left one to the right one, touch gestures like single tap to play/pause, answer/reject calls, tap and hold to raise or lower the volume, double tap to next/previous tracks and triple tap for voice assistants, everything has been taken care of. These gestures make sure you never take your smartphone out of your pocket while on the go.

3. Call and Sound Quality:

Call quality is good and mic also works for calling, no low voice issue or anything but the lack of noise cancellation as these are inside ear ones at lower volume is a bummer, you have to be 75% or above to really cancel out the surroundings., which will make your ears hurt if you are listening to loud music (EDM fans, anyone?) but the quality never deteriorates. It has bass and surround sound at full volume, although, the bass is overpowered by surround sound very easily. The lower volumes lack bass so much that it is non existing and surround sound is lacking too, but the treble is clear at all volume levels. This is a perfect fit for movie lovers and bollywood music and did I mention, binge watchers? Well, with a playback time of 4-5 hours after just an hour of charging is really impressive for such a small budget, entry level, truly wireless earphones that works with Google Assistant and Siri. Not bad, GoNoise.

4. Final Verdict:

Bottom line, then. If you are looking for a truly wireless solution for on the go streaming and some casual music without much of a bling(BASS!!), you can definitely buy the GoNoise Noise Shots X1 Air Truly Wireless earphones without a doubt. With its user friendly features and a competitive price tag of just Rs.1,999/-  MRP (tip: you can get ones for Rs.1,799/- at the Flipkart Diwali Sale and Amazon Diwali Sale).

Build Quality: 9/10
User Friendly: 10/10
Sound Quality: 7/10
Portability: 10/10
Playback Time: 8/10

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